"Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see." Neil Postman

Starting conversations, that create the impact that will help change the world. Christopher has been finding innovative solutions to prevent social exclusion for marginalised communities, children and their families for over 20 years. ​

Christopher Muwanguzi

Chief Executive Officer at Child's i Foundation & Co Founder of 846.global

Over the past 20 years, Christopher has provided visionary, strategic, and financial leadership in diverse and challenging social impact and international development contexts. Currently, he serves as a board member and senior leader. Through his work with communities, governments, policymakers, and impact investors, he addresses the systems that perpetuate social exclusion and marginalization, and improves people’s lives in material and measurable ways.


Managing stress

April was Stress Awareness Month. During this time , after the first quarter of the calendar year, many people struggle with managing their stress levels

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According to a baseline measure carried by the Ugandan government in Uganda in 2012, 50,000 children were growing up in orphanages, today we think there could be more. Nearly all these children have a  family, they could go back to. Orphanages make orphans out of children.

Every day, families in crisis or poverty are forced to give up their children in the hope of a better life. These promises are rarely fulfilled. Children separated from their families become trapped and vulnerable; deprived of the love and attention of a family, harming their development and future.

Decades of research prove what we know in our hearts: a family is the best place for a child to grow up.

Child’s i Foundation helps reunite children with their own families where possible and finds loving, Ugandan adoptive or foster families where the child’s own family cannot be found or is unsafe. We help repurpose orphanages into community hub centres that provide services that prevent family separation in the first place.