Top 3 Personal New Year Resolutions

Top 3 Personal New Year Resolutions

As the New Year fast approaches now is the perfect time for you to sit down and put pen to paper. 

Research shows us that 60% of people make New Years resolutions, but only 8% of people are “successful in achieving them”. So with that in mind below you will find my Top 3 Personal New Years Resolutions that can go on to have a long lasting positive effects on your life, for years to come if done right.

1. Financial Planning – Become more financially savvy

Maybe you are saving up for a deposit and need to revisit the interest that your money is earning? Maybe you have a credit card and pay high interest? These are both issues that should and can be reviewed on an annual basis. In fact, reviewing both of these is simple – all it takes is for you to make a call to your bank or credit card provider.

Tip: Have you considered getting an ISA? By using your yearly cash allowance you will not have to pay any unnecessary tax on the money that you have saved.

Also, if you do not have a savings account, and are thinking about getting one. There are numerous FREE comparison websites out there that will do a lot of the legwork for you. By filling out a short form, you will be given a number of choices that best suit your needs.

2. Family – Quality time

Family time is not usually a common New Years resolution, but it should be. Think about this past year. Did you spend enough quality time with your loved ones? Maybe there is someone that you were not able to make enough time for?

Finding time to spend with your loved ones enables you to develop stronger bonds and ties, and helps to build meaningful family connections.



3. Wellbeing & Health

Whilst getting back into the gym is a highly featured New Years resolution every year, focusing on your mental health and well being is something that is neglected by many in todays fast paced society. 

Being healthy emotionally and mentally has many advantages. Not only will you feel better and maybe even more positive, you may also notice an increase in productivity and effectiveness in various areas of your life including work and home as well as other places.




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