"Creating the best possible chances for children."

Coaching & Mentoring

Christopher works with organisations in the public and private sector in the UK and Africa, supporting community engagement ( prioritising listening to lived experience) staff development, change management and organisational dynamics. He has coached and supported organisations with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, leadership and strategy development. Using a person centred approach, he has managed to support teams through various stages of development right through to helping them achieve their full potential.  

Speaking Gigs

Christopher is a coach, motivational and public speaker on a number of topics not limited to;  parenthood, well being, leadership, ending Institutional care, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. He has lot’s to share, but is also keen to hear how others have created spaces and opportunities for people, communities, children and their families to thrive. If you would like Christopher to speak at a work engagement, deliver bespoke training or work with you through a challenging or even an exciting period, get in touch